About The WATT? An Energy 101 Primer

The WATT? is your user’s guide to energy in the 21st century.

This ebook (available on multiple platforms) provides a comprehensive overview of energy in the U.S. Consider it your starting point to becoming a more active, energy-literate citizen able to take on BIG challenges.

Energy is one of the world's largest industries, and it's intimately intertwined with the global economy and environment. If we can solve our great global energy challenges we will also solve many of our biggest environmental, social, health and economic challenges. Yet for all the wide-eyed, hopeful talk about building out the clean, renewable energy economy of the 21st century, there's a serious lack of understanding about what energy actually is, how it powers our lives, what problems it causes, what problems it solves, and – perhaps most importantly – the enormous scale of our energy challenges.

In short: we need, as a society, to become more energy literate. And that’s where The WATT? An Energy 101 Primer comes in handy.

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About the Author

Ben Jervey

Ben Jervey writes about climate, energy, and sustainability for numerous publications. He is a blogger and editor for OnEarth, a contributing editor to DeSmogBlog, and the former Environment Editor at GOOD. He’s the author of “The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Living in New York City.” He currently lives in Vermont. A bicycle enthusiast, Ben has ridden across the United States and through much of Europe.


Policy Director
Renewable Northwest Project

"I think The WATT? is an excellent, comprehensive resource--especially of the electrical system in the US. For new hires into the industry it’s a must read."

Graduate Student
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"I am impressed by the fair and balanced energy assessment and analysis in this great resource. It's really easy to read, the graphics are great and I wish all my textbooks looked like that."

Renewable Energy Engineer
Portland Community College

"The WATT? breaks down the large and complex field of energy into 8 readable chapters. The information and resources provided are valuable to anyone trying to further understand America's relationship with energy and how this may be changing with time."

Ryan Donnelly Candidate for MBA, Class of 2013
Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business

"For people interested in working on the business side of alternative energy, The WATT? provides a fascinating and very well-designed overview of the energy sector. Beyond just the levelized cost of electricity, The WATT? has helped me see opportunities and challenges in the sector, as well as some of the ways different technologies may work together."

Editorial Advisory Committee

Social Entrepreneur

Student - Harvard Business School, Former Program Lead - Google Climate and Energy

Graduate Student
University of Oregon

Bullitt Foundation

Graduate Student and Researcher at MIT, Technology and Policy Program

Writer, Editor, New Media Entrepreneur
Longshot Magazine, Smithsonian, Foodprint Project

Policy Campaigns Manager,

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