Event Details

Feb 04, 2013
From 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM
Saving Energy Makes Cent$: Students and Property Owners Reducing Energy Use
Location: Student Center Multipurpose Rooms, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY

Through Focus the Nation’s “Forum to Action” program, Clarkson University is hosting a forum “Saving Energy Makes Cent$: Students and Property Owners Reducing Energy Use”. This forum will focus on students and property owners working together to reduce energy use in rental properties. During the forum, students and community members will come together to help develop a project that targets energy inefficiency in an effort to save money. A speaker will talk about the importance of home energy upgrades and the successes of working as a community to reduce energy. Following the speaker, a panel consisting of community members, student renters, and experts in related fields will discuss the problems and roadblocks affecting energy efficiency in student housing and answer questions from the attendees. After a break for refreshments there will be small groups that will brainstorm different approaches to reducing energy. The different approaches will then be discussed as a whole to form an action plan for community wide implementation. This event provides a great opportunity for the town of Potsdam to make positive changes in home efficiency. 


We hope you're able to join and we encourage you to pre-register! If you have any questions about this event please contact the Forums-to-Action team at Clarkson at focusthenationf2a@gmail.com or FTN staff member Josh Baker at josh@focusthenation.org.

Event Speakers

Stephen Bird

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Clarkson University


Professor Bird specializes in energy and environmental politics, social and policy networks, and U.S. politics. He has served as a consultant or expert to a variety of entities including the U.S. State Department, Harvard’s Electricity Policy Group, and Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection. His research and publications address energy policy, policy networks, electricity governance, environmental risk, social justice, and movement politics. He has held lecturer appointments at Boston University, Simmons College, and Northeastern University. He was Board Chairperson for five years at the Energy Consumer’s Alliance of New England, a non-profit with over 25,000 member customers. He holds a Master’s in government from Harvard University and a PhD from Boston University.


Marc Compeau

Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Clarkson School of Business

Stay tuned to learn more about this Rising Clean Energy Leader

Matt Desmarais

Mechanical Engineering Student

Clarkson University


A senior Mechanical Engineer at Clarkson University, Matt has worked on numerous campus energy projects including high efficiency shower head replacement in the Quad, an Energy expo which had 5 keynote speakers, and even a proposal to get a wind turbine on Campus. Matt plans on working in power management and distribution upon graduation. In his spare time, he is a co-broadcaster for Clarkson's hockey games and is a current student renter.

Jerry Loch

Energy Auditor


Jerry Loch has several advanced degrees including a professional doctorate in Community Ethics. Early in his career he participated in Applied Research in power generation and cryogenics. During that time he worked on a magneto hydrodynamic power generation system for Berlin, Germany and conducted research for NASA and Oakridge National Labs. He was a building contractor for several years with an emphasis in specialty wood floors.

For 10 years Mr. Loch worked as a Mental Health Executive and marketed residential services internationally. He has energy audited over 250 commercial buildings and presented several hundred residential energy workshops. Mr. Loch and his wife are vocalists and string musicians and have designed numerous musical venues. They also serve as Worship leaders for a Watertown area church.

Gregory Pedrick

Project Manager, Building R&D Sector


Gregory Pedrick is a Project Manager for NYSERDA in the Building R&D Sector.  He has developed and runs the Buildings R&D Advanced Buildings Program, creating solicitations which encourage product and integrated solutions for advancing building performance.  Recent focus is on deep energy retrofit to existing residential buildings, with pilot work from Utica, NY that has produced informative results.  He manages a wide range of projects focusing on buildings, Transmission and Distribution issues as well as combined heat & power (CHP) projects. 

Mr. Pedrick has over 26 years of engineering experience in the fields of power systems and generation, distributed control system automation for manufacturing facilities, research and development with specialty in infrared analysis, transmission and distribution system design and industrial energy efficiency.   The recent six years of experience have been with Advanced Building features, particularly extreme improvements to building shell and compressor-less dehumidification systems.  He has extensive practical field experience with residential buildings, having designed and managed the building of a very high efficient 1,600 sq. ft. timber frame salt box home in the Adirondacks of NY State.  The home served as a proving ground for several basic technologies, applied within a very effective, high performance building shell. 

In addition to his NYSERDA experience, Mr. Pedrick has worked for Efficiency Vermont, Radiometrics Corporation, US Army/Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, Rock-Tenn Company, Texas Instruments, and Bechtel Eastern Power Corporation. Mr. Pedrick holds a B.Sc. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, as well an M.S. degree from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.