Our Mission


A sustainable energy world.


Build the innovative workforce that accelerates our country's transition to sustainable energy.

About Focus the Nation

Focus the Nation is the country’s leading clean energy youth empowerment organization. Since 2008, we have helped more than 300,000 young people embrace the challenges, excitement and realities of moving their communities toward clean energy solutions.  We believe that all Americans share an obligation to transform the way we power our communities and our lives, and that young leaders are uniquely positioned to further this cause. In recent years, it has become more apparent than ever that our environment and communities can no longer sustain how we currently extract and use energy. All FTN programming is intensely focused on empowering young people’s imaginative, civic and systems-thinking capacities so they can become powerful agents of change in their own communities on this very issue. The skills that young people gain through our programming can be applied for decades in addressing the root causes that affect our current environmental, social, political and entrepreneurial challenges.

Our Focus

Today's rising generation is our greatest asset to invest in and steward over the next 25 years to solve our climate and energy challenges. Focus the Nation approaches our clean energy leadership development programming through our Collaboration Quadrants model.  Our proven approach to working with young people on this issue centers entirely around what role they will play in America’s transition to clean energy prosperity. All FTN programming builds collaborative teams of four types of students whose skill sets are critical to accelerating local and national solutions. What's your FOCUS?